Sell Your Handcrafted Jewelry Wholesale to Retail Stores

If you are creative and with a great sense of design and style, you can start your handmade jewelry employment. It is in fact fun making handcrafted earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Selling your handmade trinkets at retail shows is a grand way to find out what the clients want and make some money on top.

You can market your handcrafted jewelry in a variety of ways. You can set up your personal handmade jewelry wholesale business and start selling your pieces at retail prices to gift and jewel shops, rent stalls at local craft bazaars, streets and art exhibitions, or market your trinkets making talent and get custom orders for individual pieces.


People are very different, and they require unique jewelry items that are diverse as well. If you offer your retail customers with handcrafted jewelry that cannot be found anywhere else in the world then can you are on track. Be selective; never sell any two pieces that are similar and more retail customers will want to purchase your unique handmade jewelry pieces.

You may work with local jewelry artisans, and design handcrafted jewelry pieces to sell to particular retail stores in your neighborhood. In addition, you can sell your jewelry to bridal shops and create handmade unique jewelry pieces for their best-selling bridal gowns and bridesmaid outfits. They have the precise clients already, so you will be offering the retail store owners the chance to augment their sales by selling them matching handmade jewelry and accessories.

Communicate with your customers

Ensure that you solve all the clients’ complaints or problems swiftly and to the best of your capability. If they need you to change or fix anything ensure that you do it as fast as you can. This shows your clients how you price their needs and build trust and constancy. When you handle their problems, efficiently it makes them stick to you and re-order your new handmade jewelry additions. They will not be indecisive to order something new from you.

Make an extra effort in meeting customer requirements. If you have employed, some people train them on the same. Buyers will at all times remember being treated well. Offering your clients some price cut on your unique handmade jewelry does not make you lose much but instead you gain their loyalty.

Offer a variety

Variety is very instrumental in making significant sales. Offer your retail customers a wide range of styles, colors, shapes, and prices. Present a selection of materials; beads, stones, shells, metals, and resins. You will realize that informal sales turn out into repeat clients if you go for a great variety of exceptional handcrafted jewelry that suits everyone’s particular style. Aspire to provide your customers a matchless shopping experience, extraordinarily high-quality pieces, and outstanding personal services.

The Wholesale handcrafted jewelry trade demands resourceful thinking and talent, and it, in addition, needs the aptitude to support yourself and your handmade jewelry items. You must have business familiarity in order to thrive in handcrafted jewelry that sells. You need promotion and sales skills to advertise your wholesale jewelry venture appropriately and lessen your industry risk.


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