How to Clean Tarnished Sterling Silver Jewelry at Home

People who are keen on wearing sterling silver jewelry are also ardent on ensuring that their jewelry remains in good form for many years. However, they need to be conscious of the correct ways of cleaning adornments made from sterling silver. The marketplace is filled with merchandise that allege to make silver pieces tarnish free or stain-free; however, most of the products instead of eliminating the stains and spots from the silver pieces they leave them bleached and spoilt. This occurs because of the acrid chemicals and other toxicant ingredients found in the cleansing solutions.

Sterling silver jewelry just like any other piece of jewelry needs to be taken proper care of to ensure its luster lasts for long. The best way to clean is using baking soda and hot water with aluminum foil.

Follow the directives given below:

At the outset, be cautious of where you buy your jewelry since there are numerous sites in the market that assert that they vend pure 925 silver jewelry.

i. Boil the right amount of water in order to submerge all your silver pieces completely.
ii. Stripe a plastic dish or glass with a piece of aluminum foil. You can also use an aluminum pan in case you are not going to use it for cooking purposes in the future.
iii. Put the jewelry pieces on the pan and make sure that the 925 silver jewelry makes contact with the aluminum.
iv. Dust the baking soda on your jewelry to form a thin film.
v. Pour enough water in order for the jewelry to be immersed. Observe how the bubbles are produced remitting off a rotten-egg stench.
vi. Swirl the jewelry pieces evenly with a piece of wood or plastic until the silver jewelry has regained its shine.
vii. Cleanse your jewelry. Use a filter over the drain to obviate the loss of tiny items such as earrings or pendants.
viii. Use a spongy towel to wipe up the silver pieces lightly.
ix. Varnish with a supple cloth to provide the ultimate touch.

Baking soda is a perfect ingredient for cleaning tarnished sterling silver jewelry at home because of its non-toxic quality. Baking soda is a substance found in all living things. Such is the pureness of the ingredient that allows it to be used for cooking food.

How will you recognize that you are purchasing pure ‘925 silver jewelry?

It is relatively easy to identify pieces made from this brawny alloy. All pieces that are made from it will have either ‘sterling’,’ster’ or ‘925’ imprinted on them. However, it is still essential to test the product in the right way before buying it. This is because there are some jewelers who claim to vend pure 925 silver jewelry, but in reality they offer customers with items made from alloys with less than 92.5% untainted silver.


How and Where to Sell Your Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry will keep on being fashionable for many years to come and if you want to possess beaded jewelry you can make beads with any mixture you that can you access. It feels good to know that a piece of jewelry that you created can not be found in any neighborhood mall. In addition, it is really intriguing when people compliment your work, and your reply may be, Thank you, I created it.

Most people collect beads and make gorgeous accessories as a hobby. However, if you want to have something that can aid you to earn money, then turn your beaded jewelry fad into an income-generating trade. Making your handmade beaded jewelry business is not complicated because you are already familiar with the basics of your craft. With the correct mindset, this can be a good beginning of a successful enterprise.

Jewelry making supplies

If you would like to create your handmade beaded jewelry, you have to look for jewelry making supplies in order put together the ornaments that you desire. Handmade jewelry is charming because it is made someone who has the passion – and it is also a kind of art. Fortunately, the Internet has made jewelry making supplies to be readily available nowadays.

To get your supplies just search for “jewelry making supplies” and thousands of sites that sell what you want will appear along with their prices. If you are into handmade jewelry, there are numerous choices than you can imagine, and you will have to take your time to sift through the various stores and their products.

By looking for the exact jewelry making supplies from the start, it is possible to create some pieces that will last for long, particularly if you get remarkable, premium jewelry making supplies.

Sterling silver findings

In trinkets making, the most overlooked pieces that link your items collectively is the sterling silver finding. Sterling silver findings may seem insignificant but in reality they are essential constituents of each piece of your work. For instance, if you do not have silver links, you cannot lock a clutch to a necklace or intertwine several bead strands into a one piece. Knowledge of how to employ sterling silver findings and possibly even how to create them is a significant part in the art of making jewelry and one that requires proper learning.

Wholesale beads

If you get fascinated in making fine-looking things, then you need to be knowledgeable on the subject of wholesale beads. There are numerous things you can create, and no matter your reason for making them, you will get the gains of purchasing beads from a wholesaler.

Unless you have never made something from beads previously, you possibly will not be shocked at how various pieces that you can create. Jewelry, like bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are some of the popular things you can craft.

For those who want to venture into this type of business but do not know where to start here are some tips on how and where to sell your handmade beaded jewelry:Pricing is the first hindrance that you need to overcome. Many people assume that if something is handmade it ought to be cheaper than the one displayed in a store. However, they do not recognize that more time has been put in handcrafted pieces; many people even think that handmade items are not expensive. Knowledge of your product is essential because you should to know precisely what to get the raw materials and how they cost to procure them. This aids in setting of the selling price.

Create your brand

First, you need to make up your mind on the variety of jewelry you desire to make and sell. The best way to select your brand style is to identify the particular group that you want to sell pieces to.

Some target groups include teenagers, stay-at-home-mums, brides, career women, men’s jewelry or gothic jewelry. Once you identify your target market, decide on the kind of jewelry that you want to create. Most artists have made it in their artwork by selling scrabble-tile ornaments wire wrapped trinkets, ribbon necklaces and bracelets made from handmade beads. Others get ideas from the environment or architectural memorials. Avoid reproduction of other people‚Äôs work. Your products have to be unique.

Online markets

Web-based handmade beaded jewelry markets present jewelry sellers with a unique opening to set up online stores at a small price, and tap them into an established pool of shoppers looking for stylish handmade jewels. Jewelry artists also get the chance of promoting their products on public sale sites, although the fee may be a bit high than handmade marketplaces.

Alternatively, you can create a blog or website, and advertize your jewelry by the use of shopping carts.

Promotion and Advertisement

After opening your online store and stocking your online shelves with attractive jewelry, you have to find ways of attracting customers. Think of your target group: where they spend time online? What websites, blogs, and magazines do they like? If you market your jewelry in their hang out places, you position your store in front of those who need your jewelry.

Make use of business cards made from your computer or through a publish company. Hand out the business cards to people in all places that you visit. If you have the ability, think of how you can organize a craft fair locally. Decorate your stall with a beautiful cloth, a jewel stand, and a pile of company cards. Numerous artists have a stable monthly income by selling their work at neighborhood craft exhibitions.

Other on the internet jewelry sellers sponsor their stores through social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and MySpace. Others make blogs with reference to their stores and connect with other bloggers.

Select one of these online techniques but do use all of them. You can get a steady income by selling your handmade beaded jewelry online with the appropriate tools and guidance. Good luck! offers sterling silver beads and findings for their handmade beaded jewelry customers. Make an effort and visit this incredible and easily accessible website for great deals.


What Does Sterling Silver Mean?


Sterling silver is an alloy, or mixture of metals, that is 92.5% silver and 7.5 % other metals. These other metals give sterling silver strength, while the silver helps the material stay brilliant.

This type of silver is often referred to as 925 silver in reference to the percentage of the material that is silver.

Sterling silver is extremely tough and can stand up to a wide range of uses.

This makes the metal especially useful for jewelry that is going to be worn often as well as silverware.

Sterling silver is one of the most valuable versions of silver on the market because of it’s toughness and beauty.