Thai Karen Hill Tribe Style Silver Beads and Findings

The art and craft of making beads and findings is not only a skill but also a unique language. That is why the Karen silver beads and Thai silver beads are uniquely handmade, as opposed to casting beads, to preserve the essence of their meaning and ensuring durability and quality. The beads talk to us, about us, and about our environment regardless of our different cultures.

Thai Silver Beads

Thai silver beads are the quality finishing touch accomplished on striated horn, precious stones, smooth coral, nicely finished bone beads, and other various jewelry items. Through an exotic combination, you can choose to make good use of Thai Silver beads in between several stones combined with spacer elements of natural beads to produce the desired result. These beads are professionally handmade by the Thai silversmiths providing the best design of silver beads without compromising on their quality and ensuring that each bead has its own story. Thai silver beads are often displayed in triangular or linear design spectacularly done the tiny silver balls soldered on the surface of their beads for their stylistic element of their silver work and to elaborate on their spectacular patterns.

Thai Hill Tribe Silver

Thai hill tribe silver beads are crafted by the Karen Hill Tribe craft men in Thailand by the use of their tribe traditional ways. Every piece is handmade using the good-old primitive tools, such that they are special artwork you will enjoy showcasing in your designs. Purer than the sterling silver, each piece of products from the Thai hill tribe is unique and handmade. Their products include beads, clasps, charms, jewelry components and earrings got directly from the Chiang Mai in Thailand, the home of famous Thai hill silver crafters. It is recorded that Thai hill tribe silver is about 99.5%, or above, pure silver and its high contents of silver is hand-hammered to suit the desired shape. In your next use of Thai hill tribe silver, ensure to order directly and enjoy Thai hill tribe silver shipping services right on your fingertips (online services)

Hill Tribe Silver Beads

Hill Tribe silver beads are highly noted especially for their larger size, as it’s a custom for Hill Tribe people to put on their wealth in form of the beads, the wealth of a person or an individual is determined by the size of the beads he/she puts on. Unlike the sterling silver beads that are 92.5% of pure silver. In general, the Thailand silver beads are actually made of not less than 95% pure silver. Each jewelry piece of craft component is uniquely done by handcraft, which the associated charms of the handcraft work is exhibited. Silver beads from Hill tribe are unique in their fabrications that mostly come from the silver craft of their Bali brothers. Bead charms and pendants made by Hill craftspeople are mostly hand fashioned unlike being created by use of complicated soldering techniques. Beautiful roses of pendants and charms always have a stamp of the hand created as silver melted is solidified to tribe silver that is unique to mold. This procedure allows the making of fantastic, fabulous and charming items, including flowers, pineapples, leaves, starfish, and dragonflies.

Hill Tribe Silver

Hill Tribe Silver originates from the north border of Thailand. It typically consists of almost pure silver of 97% to 99.7% silver, and it’s very smooth and easy to work with. On the other hand, Sterling silver is 92.5% of silver with some added quantities of certain different ores hence making it more strong and durable. Hill Tribe silver does not have additives, and it is, for this reason, less likely to affect the people with allergy for the allergic reactions. Hill tribe silver came after the Second World War, when Hill Tribes around border with Myanmar were obliged to move to Thailand by the government of Burma. Bhumiphol Adulate the King set the Royal Development Project for Hill Tribes that they were to try and develop industries that would probably help the economy various hill tribe peoples.

Karen Hill Tribe silver

Karen Hill tribe silver is a craftwork of the Karen hill tribes in the Chiang Mai of the Northern area of Thailand and has a distinctive satin feel and finish. Karen Hill Tribe silver bead is fine handmade silver jewelry that is of high-quality pure silver product. It has 98% or more silver content and, for this reason, soft enough to be worked on by hand. Karen Hill Tribe Silver offers a very unique and different design products or outputs by the use of silversmith methods that are passed down from one generation to the other. The craft people use silver products to adorn their bodies’ and decorate their clothes too. Many of the jewelries they put on, they owned since they were children, and it’s regarded as an almost parts of their bodies. Perhaps, the Karen Hill Tribe silver craftspeople exchange their products (silver ones) for other different products, such as maize, corns or rice. Ordering the Karen Hill Tribe silver and related beautifully finished artworks does not only provide you with quality shipping but also gives back to the society (Karen tribe) in a profitable manner.

Karen silver

Being around 99.5% and 99.9% pure silver, Karen silver has silver contents that are higher than Sterling silver. It is only the soldier used to fix the silver components together that makes up the last bit of the percentage. Resultantly, it has some weight, satin color, and feel, all of its own. All pieces are done by hand and with uniqueness of nature and are never hallmarked in any way. Notwithstanding, their originality is guaranteed.

Bottom line

All these items are splendid pieces of craftwork and conversational goodies that when you work with, you will find satisfaction in your purchase and your money will never go into waste. The next time you go shopping for jewelries, Shop for Karen silver, Thai silver beads, hill tribe silver, and other related artworks that will satisfy you quality wise and keep you looking stylish.