Sell Your Handcrafted Jewelry Wholesale to Retail Stores

If you are creative and with a great sense of design and style, you can start your handmade jewelry employment. It is in fact fun making handcrafted earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Selling your handmade trinkets at retail shows is a grand way to find out what the clients want and make some money on top.

You can market your handcrafted jewelry in a variety of ways. You can set up your personal handmade jewelry wholesale business and start selling your pieces at retail prices to gift and jewel shops, rent stalls at local craft bazaars, streets and art exhibitions, or market your trinkets making talent and get custom orders for individual pieces.


People are very different, and they require unique jewelry items that are diverse as well. If you offer your retail customers with handcrafted jewelry that cannot be found anywhere else in the world then can you are on track. Be selective; never sell any two pieces that are similar and more retail customers will want to purchase your unique handmade jewelry pieces.

You may work with local jewelry artisans, and design handcrafted jewelry pieces to sell to particular retail stores in your neighborhood. In addition, you can sell your jewelry to bridal shops and create handmade unique jewelry pieces for their best-selling bridal gowns and bridesmaid outfits. They have the precise clients already, so you will be offering the retail store owners the chance to augment their sales by selling them matching handmade jewelry and accessories.

Communicate with your customers

Ensure that you solve all the clients’ complaints or problems swiftly and to the best of your capability. If they need you to change or fix anything ensure that you do it as fast as you can. This shows your clients how you price their needs and build trust and constancy. When you handle their problems, efficiently it makes them stick to you and re-order your new handmade jewelry additions. They will not be indecisive to order something new from you.

Make an extra effort in meeting customer requirements. If you have employed, some people train them on the same. Buyers will at all times remember being treated well. Offering your clients some price cut on your unique handmade jewelry does not make you lose much but instead you gain their loyalty.

Offer a variety

Variety is very instrumental in making significant sales. Offer your retail customers a wide range of styles, colors, shapes, and prices. Present a selection of materials; beads, stones, shells, metals, and resins. You will realize that informal sales turn out into repeat clients if you go for a great variety of exceptional handcrafted jewelry that suits everyone’s particular style. Aspire to provide your customers a matchless shopping experience, extraordinarily high-quality pieces, and outstanding personal services.

The Wholesale handcrafted jewelry trade demands resourceful thinking and talent, and it, in addition, needs the aptitude to support yourself and your handmade jewelry items. You must have business familiarity in order to thrive in handcrafted jewelry that sells. You need promotion and sales skills to advertise your wholesale jewelry venture appropriately and lessen your industry risk.


Selling Sterling Silver Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

The most breathtaking thing in this world is an affiliation between two people, and it keeps on growing as the years advance. Most people prove their emotions and sentiments by giving a gift.

Selling Sterling Silver Jewelry for Valentine’s Day is very fashionable. As a silver jewelry dealer, you can put a smile on the faces of many people if you have the appropriate tips on how sell your silver jewelry on Valentines Day.

If you are an enthusiast of silver jewelry, then sterling silver jewelry is by far the trendiest thing nowadays across the globe, because of its fundamental arty value and custom-made designs. These charms are adaptable in nature and have bold designs that make them the preferred token for Valentines Day.

The Valentine’s Day jewelry season

Valentines Day is reportedly the busiest time for many jewelry stores because they report high sales during this period. Therefore, if you want to sell your silver jewelry, then this is an ideal time for you.

As a jeweler remember to update your store with reasonably priced sterling silver jewelry such as engagement rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

You should start to promote your Valentine’s Day silver jewelry a week or two weeks prior to Valentines Day. Sterling Silver pairs can be beautifully paired with red stones. Heart-shaped adornments are also attractive and should be included in your offer.

Personalize Your Silver Jewelry

Custom-made silver jewelry services should be available on your silver jewelry store. Silver is an everlasting metallic substance fit for every age and sex. It can turn out to be a unique gift if a personal touch is added. Most customers look for personalized sterling silver jewelry presents for their loved ones; thus you ought to have many choices in your retail store and online trinkets store. One of the well-loved silver jewelry pieces is the necklace. Ensure that you can personalize silver necklaces in various ways in order to attract clients.

Valentines Day ideas for silver jewelry:

Two Hearts Entangled Necklace

This necklace is an ideal gift for couples who are dating and want to celebrate the day with style. This sterling silver jewelry consists of a twine chain with suspended hearts. The jewelry is completed with two hearts placed together as one. You may personalize it by engraving the names of the couple on the necklace. You can also include their birthstones if your customer needs their date of birth to be included in the piece.

Silver Heart Necklace with Pearls

This charming piece has a silver heart adornment hanging on a chain of sterling silver. Around the heart pendant there are three pallid freshwater pearls affixed to the chain. The necklace is adjustable to any size. The pendant can be personalized by hand stamping the names of the love birds. However, all letters should be engraved in capital letters.

Today, many people have increased stress levels and work life such that they do not have adequate time for the preparation superb gifts for their loved ones. As a dealer, you should prepare your silver jewelry for Valentine’s Day in advance in order to cater for the needs of your customers.


Bali Style Sterling Silver Beads and Findings

What are Bali sterling silver beads?

Ornaments spice up the looks of a person. If there is something that boosts confidence, it is the assurance that you look good. That is why you need to make an informed judgment before you settle on a particular type of jewelry. Ornaments with Bali silver beads are the best choice of ornaments to purchase. They bring out the real picture of beauty in jewelry.

The one major characteristic that defines Bali residents is their rich appreciation of their culture. They have a very unusual attachment to their culture, which instills in them a great love for Bali beads. These Bali beads reflect the environmental nature around them. Bali sterling beads are made in Bali in Indonesia. Some of them are handmade, with simple tools and others skillfully made.

Bali beads make beautiful artwork, very pleasant to the eye of every human being. Bali silver beads, especially, are very common in most jewelry. They add stunning beauty to the people that wear Bali silver beads. These sterling beads have been in existence for a long time. People never get enough of their beauty. Improvement of their quality has taken place over many years.

Bali silver beads designed to match your outfit

The sterling silver beads blend well with a variety of gear. There are various Bali beads perfectly designed to match with the different outfit. It is always important to match your jewelry with the type of clothes you wear on any particular day. There are products made from Bali beads for both the females and the males, since the jewelry that men prefer is quite different from that the women prefer.

Primarily, they are an important component in the making of jewelry and ornaments. This jewelry includes earrings, rings, bangles and bracelets, necklaces, hair clips and many other forms of jewelry. Bali sterling beads could be dull or very eye-catching. The reason behind this is that people are different and have different tastes and preferences. There are those who prefer conspicuous Bali beads. They will often go for the Bali sterling beads with many glitters or those with shiny surfaces. This conspicuousness of the Bali silver beads will draw almost everybody’s attention to themselves, something that will give them ultimate pleasure.

As for the others, who shy away from too much attention, will opt the Bali sterling beads that are a little dull. They will look stunning but will often go unnoticed on many occasions. When buying gifts for your loved ones, Bali silver sterling beads have remained one of the best ways to surprise your loved ones.

It is a prudent way of surprising your loved ones probably in their most remarkable events like their birthdays. A bracelet or a necklace can be made for them using Bali silver beads, and they will love it. They cannot help it but just give in to the elegance of the silver sterling beads.

These beads have been tested and approved for many years. They are a high-quality product brand and hence the best value for money. Investing in Bali products will never be a regrettable choice. Ornaments made from Bali sterling beads are uniquely designed to ensure that they remain outstanding.

Making jewelry products from Bali beads

Bali sterling silver beads are very convenient. Making products from the silver beads is an easy thing. The products made from Bali silver beads only require basic craft skills. You can make them yourself and start supplying the Bali beads. You only need to ensure that you have a precise source of the Bali sterling beads. The beads are readily available, and thus you are guaranteed of a sure source. To remain competitive, however, there is the need to apply some advanced skill and technology to the products made from Bali sterling beads. According to Bali findings, the beads will market themselves from their good-looking nature. Friends to your customers will admire them and desire to have them.

The wide range of variety of Bali sterling beads gives an opportunity to be creative. The different shapes and sizes of the Bali sterling, silver beads increase the room to be creative. Creativity is a paramount aspect when it comes to ornaments designing. Clients want to buy the most outstanding jewelry. The Bali sterling silver beads offer you with quite many options to choose from and enable you as the manufacturer of the products to diversify your products. The Bali sterling beads take different shapes and sizes. These shapes include oval, square, triangular, star-shaped, round and many other shapes. They also range from simple to ornate, again depending on the preferences of the clients.

Advantages of Bali sterling silver beads

Bali sterling silver beads have many advantages over any other types of beads. First, the beads have a rare uniqueness with profound features. These characteristics make the silver beads very preferable. They are also very durable. This durability ensures continued service of products made from Bali beads for a long time. The Bali sterling silver beads are resistance to damage from water and heat. They do not fade easily on exposure to water and heat, but rather Bali beads retain their color and shape for quite a long time. Variety is another benefit of Bali sterling beads in that they allow you to construct anything as far as your creativity can allow. The Bali sterling beads are readily available in various jewelry shops across the world.

The Bali style of sterling beads is a work of art that is growing and spreading first across the globe. The goodness and beauty of these beads are continually dawning on people as days pass. People are embracing this artistic work of Bali sterling beads. They appreciate this art daily, something that has doubled the popularity of the Bali sterling silver beads. The beads have now taken an economic cause in that there are many companies that are coming up, specializing in the production of Bali products. Do not be left behind, advance to Bali sterling silver beads.

Thai Karen Hill Tribe Style Silver Beads and Findings

The art and craft of making beads and findings is not only a skill but also a unique language. That is why the Karen silver beads and Thai silver beads are uniquely handmade, as opposed to casting beads, to preserve the essence of their meaning and ensuring durability and quality. The beads talk to us, about us, and about our environment regardless of our different cultures.

Thai Silver Beads

Thai silver beads are the quality finishing touch accomplished on striated horn, precious stones, smooth coral, nicely finished bone beads, and other various jewelry items. Through an exotic combination, you can choose to make good use of Thai Silver beads in between several stones combined with spacer elements of natural beads to produce the desired result. These beads are professionally handmade by the Thai silversmiths providing the best design of silver beads without compromising on their quality and ensuring that each bead has its own story. Thai silver beads are often displayed in triangular or linear design spectacularly done the tiny silver balls soldered on the surface of their beads for their stylistic element of their silver work and to elaborate on their spectacular patterns.

Thai Hill Tribe Silver

Thai hill tribe silver beads are crafted by the Karen Hill Tribe craft men in Thailand by the use of their tribe traditional ways. Every piece is handmade using the good-old primitive tools, such that they are special artwork you will enjoy showcasing in your designs. Purer than the sterling silver, each piece of products from the Thai hill tribe is unique and handmade. Their products include beads, clasps, charms, jewelry components and earrings got directly from the Chiang Mai in Thailand, the home of famous Thai hill silver crafters. It is recorded that Thai hill tribe silver is about 99.5%, or above, pure silver and its high contents of silver is hand-hammered to suit the desired shape. In your next use of Thai hill tribe silver, ensure to order directly and enjoy Thai hill tribe silver shipping services right on your fingertips (online services)

Hill Tribe Silver Beads

Hill Tribe silver beads are highly noted especially for their larger size, as it’s a custom for Hill Tribe people to put on their wealth in form of the beads, the wealth of a person or an individual is determined by the size of the beads he/she puts on. Unlike the sterling silver beads that are 92.5% of pure silver. In general, the Thailand silver beads are actually made of not less than 95% pure silver. Each jewelry piece of craft component is uniquely done by handcraft, which the associated charms of the handcraft work is exhibited. Silver beads from Hill tribe are unique in their fabrications that mostly come from the silver craft of their Bali brothers. Bead charms and pendants made by Hill craftspeople are mostly hand fashioned unlike being created by use of complicated soldering techniques. Beautiful roses of pendants and charms always have a stamp of the hand created as silver melted is solidified to tribe silver that is unique to mold. This procedure allows the making of fantastic, fabulous and charming items, including flowers, pineapples, leaves, starfish, and dragonflies.

Hill Tribe Silver

Hill Tribe Silver originates from the north border of Thailand. It typically consists of almost pure silver of 97% to 99.7% silver, and it’s very smooth and easy to work with. On the other hand, Sterling silver is 92.5% of silver with some added quantities of certain different ores hence making it more strong and durable. Hill Tribe silver does not have additives, and it is, for this reason, less likely to affect the people with allergy for the allergic reactions. Hill tribe silver came after the Second World War, when Hill Tribes around border with Myanmar were obliged to move to Thailand by the government of Burma. Bhumiphol Adulate the King set the Royal Development Project for Hill Tribes that they were to try and develop industries that would probably help the economy various hill tribe peoples.

Karen Hill Tribe silver

Karen Hill tribe silver is a craftwork of the Karen hill tribes in the Chiang Mai of the Northern area of Thailand and has a distinctive satin feel and finish. Karen Hill Tribe silver bead is fine handmade silver jewelry that is of high-quality pure silver product. It has 98% or more silver content and, for this reason, soft enough to be worked on by hand. Karen Hill Tribe Silver offers a very unique and different design products or outputs by the use of silversmith methods that are passed down from one generation to the other. The craft people use silver products to adorn their bodies’ and decorate their clothes too. Many of the jewelries they put on, they owned since they were children, and it’s regarded as an almost parts of their bodies. Perhaps, the Karen Hill Tribe silver craftspeople exchange their products (silver ones) for other different products, such as maize, corns or rice. Ordering the Karen Hill Tribe silver and related beautifully finished artworks does not only provide you with quality shipping but also gives back to the society (Karen tribe) in a profitable manner.

Karen silver

Being around 99.5% and 99.9% pure silver, Karen silver has silver contents that are higher than Sterling silver. It is only the soldier used to fix the silver components together that makes up the last bit of the percentage. Resultantly, it has some weight, satin color, and feel, all of its own. All pieces are done by hand and with uniqueness of nature and are never hallmarked in any way. Notwithstanding, their originality is guaranteed.

Bottom line

All these items are splendid pieces of craftwork and conversational goodies that when you work with, you will find satisfaction in your purchase and your money will never go into waste. The next time you go shopping for jewelries, Shop for Karen silver, Thai silver beads, hill tribe silver, and other related artworks that will satisfy you quality wise and keep you looking stylish.


How to Clean Tarnished Sterling Silver Jewelry at Home

People who are keen on wearing sterling silver jewelry are also ardent on ensuring that their jewelry remains in good form for many years. However, they need to be conscious of the correct ways of cleaning adornments made from sterling silver. The marketplace is filled with merchandise that allege to make silver pieces tarnish free or stain-free; however, most of the products instead of eliminating the stains and spots from the silver pieces they leave them bleached and spoilt. This occurs because of the acrid chemicals and other toxicant ingredients found in the cleansing solutions.

Sterling silver jewelry just like any other piece of jewelry needs to be taken proper care of to ensure its luster lasts for long. The best way to clean is using baking soda and hot water with aluminum foil.

Follow the directives given below:

At the outset, be cautious of where you buy your jewelry since there are numerous sites in the market that assert that they vend pure 925 silver jewelry.

i. Boil the right amount of water in order to submerge all your silver pieces completely.
ii. Stripe a plastic dish or glass with a piece of aluminum foil. You can also use an aluminum pan in case you are not going to use it for cooking purposes in the future.
iii. Put the jewelry pieces on the pan and make sure that the 925 silver jewelry makes contact with the aluminum.
iv. Dust the baking soda on your jewelry to form a thin film.
v. Pour enough water in order for the jewelry to be immersed. Observe how the bubbles are produced remitting off a rotten-egg stench.
vi. Swirl the jewelry pieces evenly with a piece of wood or plastic until the silver jewelry has regained its shine.
vii. Cleanse your jewelry. Use a filter over the drain to obviate the loss of tiny items such as earrings or pendants.
viii. Use a spongy towel to wipe up the silver pieces lightly.
ix. Varnish with a supple cloth to provide the ultimate touch.

Baking soda is a perfect ingredient for cleaning tarnished sterling silver jewelry at home because of its non-toxic quality. Baking soda is a substance found in all living things. Such is the pureness of the ingredient that allows it to be used for cooking food.

How will you recognize that you are purchasing pure ‘925 silver jewelry?

It is relatively easy to identify pieces made from this brawny alloy. All pieces that are made from it will have either ‘sterling’,’ster’ or ‘925’ imprinted on them. However, it is still essential to test the product in the right way before buying it. This is because there are some jewelers who claim to vend pure 925 silver jewelry, but in reality they offer customers with items made from alloys with less than 92.5% untainted silver.


How and Where to Sell Your Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry will keep on being fashionable for many years to come and if you want to possess beaded jewelry you can make beads with any mixture you that can you access. It feels good to know that a piece of jewelry that you created can not be found in any neighborhood mall. In addition, it is really intriguing when people compliment your work, and your reply may be, Thank you, I created it.

Most people collect beads and make gorgeous accessories as a hobby. However, if you want to have something that can aid you to earn money, then turn your beaded jewelry fad into an income-generating trade. Making your handmade beaded jewelry business is not complicated because you are already familiar with the basics of your craft. With the correct mindset, this can be a good beginning of a successful enterprise.

Jewelry making supplies

If you would like to create your handmade beaded jewelry, you have to look for jewelry making supplies in order put together the ornaments that you desire. Handmade jewelry is charming because it is made someone who has the passion – and it is also a kind of art. Fortunately, the Internet has made jewelry making supplies to be readily available nowadays.

To get your supplies just search for “jewelry making supplies” and thousands of sites that sell what you want will appear along with their prices. If you are into handmade jewelry, there are numerous choices than you can imagine, and you will have to take your time to sift through the various stores and their products.

By looking for the exact jewelry making supplies from the start, it is possible to create some pieces that will last for long, particularly if you get remarkable, premium jewelry making supplies.

Sterling silver findings

In trinkets making, the most overlooked pieces that link your items collectively is the sterling silver finding. Sterling silver findings may seem insignificant but in reality they are essential constituents of each piece of your work. For instance, if you do not have silver links, you cannot lock a clutch to a necklace or intertwine several bead strands into a one piece. Knowledge of how to employ sterling silver findings and possibly even how to create them is a significant part in the art of making jewelry and one that requires proper learning.

Wholesale beads

If you get fascinated in making fine-looking things, then you need to be knowledgeable on the subject of wholesale beads. There are numerous things you can create, and no matter your reason for making them, you will get the gains of purchasing beads from a wholesaler.

Unless you have never made something from beads previously, you possibly will not be shocked at how various pieces that you can create. Jewelry, like bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are some of the popular things you can craft.

For those who want to venture into this type of business but do not know where to start here are some tips on how and where to sell your handmade beaded jewelry:Pricing is the first hindrance that you need to overcome. Many people assume that if something is handmade it ought to be cheaper than the one displayed in a store. However, they do not recognize that more time has been put in handcrafted pieces; many people even think that handmade items are not expensive. Knowledge of your product is essential because you should to know precisely what to get the raw materials and how they cost to procure them. This aids in setting of the selling price.

Create your brand

First, you need to make up your mind on the variety of jewelry you desire to make and sell. The best way to select your brand style is to identify the particular group that you want to sell pieces to.

Some target groups include teenagers, stay-at-home-mums, brides, career women, men’s jewelry or gothic jewelry. Once you identify your target market, decide on the kind of jewelry that you want to create. Most artists have made it in their artwork by selling scrabble-tile ornaments wire wrapped trinkets, ribbon necklaces and bracelets made from handmade beads. Others get ideas from the environment or architectural memorials. Avoid reproduction of other people’s work. Your products have to be unique.

Online markets

Web-based handmade beaded jewelry markets present jewelry sellers with a unique opening to set up online stores at a small price, and tap them into an established pool of shoppers looking for stylish handmade jewels. Jewelry artists also get the chance of promoting their products on public sale sites, although the fee may be a bit high than handmade marketplaces.

Alternatively, you can create a blog or website, and advertize your jewelry by the use of shopping carts.

Promotion and Advertisement

After opening your online store and stocking your online shelves with attractive jewelry, you have to find ways of attracting customers. Think of your target group: where they spend time online? What websites, blogs, and magazines do they like? If you market your jewelry in their hang out places, you position your store in front of those who need your jewelry.

Make use of business cards made from your computer or through a publish company. Hand out the business cards to people in all places that you visit. If you have the ability, think of how you can organize a craft fair locally. Decorate your stall with a beautiful cloth, a jewel stand, and a pile of company cards. Numerous artists have a stable monthly income by selling their work at neighborhood craft exhibitions.

Other on the internet jewelry sellers sponsor their stores through social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and MySpace. Others make blogs with reference to their stores and connect with other bloggers.

Select one of these online techniques but do use all of them. You can get a steady income by selling your handmade beaded jewelry online with the appropriate tools and guidance. Good luck! offers sterling silver beads and findings for their handmade beaded jewelry customers. Make an effort and visit this incredible and easily accessible website for great deals.


What Does Sterling Silver Mean?


Sterling silver is an alloy, or mixture of metals, that is 92.5% silver and 7.5 % other metals. These other metals give sterling silver strength, while the silver helps the material stay brilliant.

This type of silver is often referred to as 925 silver in reference to the percentage of the material that is silver.

Sterling silver is extremely tough and can stand up to a wide range of uses.

This makes the metal especially useful for jewelry that is going to be worn often as well as silverware.

Sterling silver is one of the most valuable versions of silver on the market because of it’s toughness and beauty.